ADR Center accepts arbitration filings in business/commercial, contract, employment, franchise, municipal, partnership, intellectual property, environmental, insurance, real property, probate and other types of disputes. Parties may include corporations, partnerships, contractors, subcontractors, limited liability companies, governmental entities and municipalities, professional corporations, sole proprietorships and individuals. Filings may be based upon contract provisions, statutes, court orders, or by agreement of the parties.

Our goal is to resolve disputes in a manner which is generally swifter, less costly, more confidential and less formal than adjudicating disputes in the courts.

Our arbitration panels are comprised of experienced neutrals skilled in the arbitration process, as selected by the parties. Every arbitrator has a minimum of ten years experience in his or her field, with most having significantly more experience. Our commercial arbitrators consist of attorneys and other professionals skilled in business, contract, computer, franchise, real estate, intellectual property, partnership, environmental, employment, banking and insurance law and issues, among others.

The ADR Center can administer Commercial arbitration cases arising under the rules of any organization identified in an existing contract or as the parties may agree.


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