ADR Center advocates use of the mediation process in many cases. It can be voluntary, court-sanctioned or court-appointed, or a part of the litigation process.

Mediation, through the efforts of our skillful mediators, remains one of the most effective means of resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way, whether in the early, middle or latter stages of a dispute.

Mediation involves the introduction of a third party neutral mediator who helps each party evaluate its own claims and risks in relation to those of the opposing party(s) and assists in structuring a negotiated resolution to a claim.

Mediation is an informal and non-binding process which the parties use as a tool to reach an amicable and voluntary settlement. The mediator often helps the parties develop creative, business-oriented options for settlement.

Good faith use of mediation increases the chances of arriving at a mutually acceptable resolution, saves time, and can result in substantial savings in legal fees and other litigation expenses.


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